Who We Are

Base One aspires to be globally competitive and hopes to provide new product and service offerings to its customer on a global scale. These products will of course still be branded with the unique Base One trademark of expertise, commitment, dedication, and drive.

Amongst the many product lines that the company carries, Base One has been known to provide top-of-the-line Seaming Machines, parts, as well as technical support. These have been a major driving force, paving the way for the company to work with reputable and industry-leading clients worldwide.

Base One operates based on its commitment to bridge businesses together with the utmost guarantee of timeliness and excellence in service and after-sales support.

The company prides itself on its streamlined operations, focusing on each client’s immediate need through the fast provision of solutions led by highly result-oriented professional teams.


Base One’s vision is to be the most reliable, total solutions supply partner for local blue-chip and multinational conglomerates worldwide.






Honesty and Integrity


  • Build a strong client relationship
  • Meet client needs or demands on time
  • Offer a competitive range of products and services
  • Sustain strong client relationships
  • Continuously innovate and provide solutions