Sales Information

Domestic 90%
Export 10%

Major Customers

The client groups are primarily in the industry of Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Industrials and other Manufacturing company, Hotels and Restaurant, Petroleum and Mining.

Sales Terms

Generally, 15 day credit is extended to first-time clients and those with short period of transaction. Those with a long period of terms or of good credit standing are usually granted a 30-45 days credit. Additionally, advanced T/T and L/C are used when necessary.

Contact and Location Map



Base One Machinery aspires to be globally competitive and hopes to provide new product and service offerings to its customer on a global scale. These products will of course still be branded with the unique Base One Machinery trademarks of high level of expertise, commitment, dedication and drive.


The Company History

Base One Machinery Sales Inc. was founded in Los Angeles California in year 1996 and was incorporated as a corporation in the Philippines in year 2004. The company started to supply Angelus Seamer Machines and parts and eventually expands its product lines to meet various needs of its customers.

The market steadily became aware of Base One Machinery as a reliable, customer oriented and competitive supplier. And what contributed to Base One Machinery’s reputation? One of the reasons is that Base One Machinery aims to provide its customer with reasonable Price but of a Quality Product in a timely manner.

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Corporate Philosophy

Our fortitude in pursuing excellence is embodied in our pioneering spirit and dynamism in adapting to the paradigm shifts and technological advancement in the industry as well as to delight our partners-customers.

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Business Scope

Supply of wide range of products and services to its domestic and international customers. From Angelus Seamer Machines to other high end packaging machines to different kinds of Industrial products and consumables. Base One Machinery will not limit itself in expanding its product line and expertise but to be fully committed in providing excellent service to its customers and partners.

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